The Promise is managed by Claims.

Our claims personnel have a demanding mission.  Daily they work with people who are experiencing unexpected and unforeseen challenges. The claims personnel do all that they can to help insureds and claimants through the claim process in a fair and expeditious manner.

Contact Info:

Brian G. Haurylak, Senior Vice President, Claims

John R. Huot, Vice President, Claims

Constance B. Woods, Esq., Vice President, Legal

How To File A Claim


Whether you have an existing claim or need to report a new claim you can call American Southern directly at 1-800-241-1172.  Claims can be reported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may also contact your agent.


Claims Office Contact Information
American Southern Insurance Company
P.O. Box 723030
Atlanta, Georgia 31139-0030
Phone: (404) 266-9599


24 Hours Claims Reporting


Claims Tips
If served with a lawsuit or other legal papers regarding your American Southern policy, immediately contact the American Southern claims office and have the legal papers delivered to our Claims personnel for timely handling.